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John Everson


C&C: What kinds of movies do you like to watch that DON’T have monsters or ghoulies in them?

 I am a huge movie buff, though I have to admit, 90% of my film watching the past few years has been horror-related! That said, I love watching Pixar movies with my son and I love all those ’80s comedies, like Better Off Dead,  Real Genius, and all the John Hughes movies (16 Candles,  Ferris Bueller, etc.) I’ve been a big fan of “auteur” directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Woody Allen, and I’ll watch anything that Tim Burton does (though admittedly, they usually have ghoulies in them of some kind). I love Sci-Fi movies but it seems like they just don’t make very many any more. There have been a couple smart ones over the past few years though, like Inception and District Nine and the Star Trek reboot. Blade Runner, a Sci-Fi noir film is one of my favorite movies of all time. But I’ve enjoyed some “chick flicks” with my wife too – I’ve seen Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes a bunch of times. One of the last really great films I saw with her was Bridesmaids, both a chick flick and a really smart comedy!
 C&C: What do you have in your pockets?
At the moment, my iPod and my passport because I’m writing this on a plane ride to Canada. Listening to the latest Paul Heaton (former Beautiful South/Housemartins singer) solo CD that I just bought (I love it that I can order CDs from the UK via Amazon!).
C&C: Do you dress up to take your son trick or treating? Why or why not?
I put on a scary full-head monster mask. Anyone who knows me knows that as much as I love Halloween, I hate dressing up… but I figure my son will have a better time if I play along with it all. So I do!
C&C: How old were you when you wrote your first piece of fiction and enjoyed it and what were the circumstances?
I think my first short story was written probably in 4th or 5th grade — I just remember that it was an homage to Isaac Asimov’s galactic empire series, because I was reading all those Foundation / Stars Like Dust / Pebble in the Sky novels at that time. Sadly (or perhaps this is a good thing) I don’t have a copy of that story anymore. It seems a little premature now, but looking back, I’d read dozens of adult SF novels because I know by the time I hit 6th grade I’d inherited about 30 Science Fiction Book Club classic hardcovers from a neighbor … and he gave those to me because I was already reading a lot of it. (I know I had those books by 6th grade because that was the year we moved to a new town – away from that neighbor!)
The next piece of fiction I remember writing was for my high school newspaper… in typical high school fashion, it was a vignette about a guy who goes home and commits suicide. Everyone in high school always seems to be writing melodramatic poetry and fiction, and I didn’t escape.
 C&C: Have you ever punched anyone in the face? Was it Lon?
I know I did very early in grade school. But I wasn’t much of a fighter so I have managed to avoid fisticuffs for the most part in my life. I do remember clocking a kid once in about first grade with the barrel of a toy pistol. I’m guessing I got in a lot of trouble for that one, since it’s one of the few things I remember from that age! If you think I should though, I’ll go ahead and punch Lon the next time I see him!

C&C: Please don’t punch Lon. You should focus your aggression towards unreachable celebrities. If you could punch any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Tom Cruise. Why? Who doesn’t want to punch Tom Cruise?
And Tim Burton. I love Tim, but c’mon man, write another great original movie like Beetlejuice again instead of remaking films that don’t need to be remade just so you can cast Johnny Depp again. Will any of us ever recover from Planet of the Apes?
C&C: What did you do yesterday?

Ha. I filmed surgery. But I don’t mix the dayjob and the horror job, so that’s about all you’re going to get! Suffice it to say that I run a medical education website for surgeons, and as part of that, we go into the OR every month and film procedures for other surgeons to watch.
C&C: Do you collect anything?

I’m a media collector… Almost every movie I watch at home I’ve actually bought on DVD (I never rent), and I hold on to them. Kind of like so I have evidence of what I’ve seen. So I have two bookcases filled strictly with horror DVDs (never mind the family stuff we also have!) I used to love having a Blockbuster near us that put DVDs on sale for 4 for $20.
I also have several thousand CDs; they stacked up pretty high over the course of twenty years of being a music critic for The Star Newspapers(see www.popstops.net for archives). I still insist on having “hard copies” of my songs, even though I listen to them almost exclusively on my iPod. I believe in “real” media: DVDs, CDs, paper books. I have a few hundred of those too.
Since I got a house with a basement and a downstairs bar area, I also seem to be stacking up a good collection of bar coasters and pint beer glasses from micro-breweries and brewpubs that I’ve visited across the country on my many business and book convention trips.
C&C: What was your favorite toy as a child?

Flopsy, my handsewn stuffed dog. My evil mother decided when I was 5 or 6 that I was too old to keep carrying Flopsy around though, so she got rid of it and claimed it was lost. A warning to mothers: kids never forget. Or forgive.

C&C: Cats or dogs? Which are better?

Cats rock. They’re independent and F-U-Cool. There’s a reason that cool rockabilly guys are called cats. Frank Sinatra? He was a cat. Cats know what they want and know how to get it. Cats are doing it for themselves. What’s another word for cat? Pussy! Cats got it all.
Unfortunately, I’m allergic to cats and dogs (not to mention horses, gerbils, sheep, cows, and anything else with fur), so my preference doesn’t really matter. I raise birds instead (a cockatoo, cockatiel and parakeet currently).