……And We’re Back!

It’s only been around two years since I hung up the interview hat, right?

Thing is, I’m getting itchy. Same thing happened when I started this whole fiasco at the beginning of 2012. Reading books and meeting authors, reading and listening to interviews, I want to ask people things that I can’t figure out how to work into the natural course of conversation. With writers, I always get a glimpse of something just around the corner from the question they’ve answered about WRITING. A turn of phrase, a reference to a relative, an indication that they may not be wearing pants. And also, that maybe they WANT you to know. But one can’t just yell “I’m not wearing pants! My grandma’s nemesis was a groundhog!” while explaining it was during their third year of college they decided to major in English and the creative writing professor was sooooo encouraging…

So, here I am. Combed the long blond wig, rinsed the white stockings and am practicing that ever-so-useful skill of making my eyes Very Wide. Scribbled down a list of names I’d otherwise just be googling. Thanks to the magic of blogging, instead of just wheedling information out of interesting people and hoarding it, once again I’ll place it here so anyone Curious may peruse it at will.

Thank you in advance for your participation, weavers of stories. And thank you in advance to those who click over to see…

New Interviews
9/30 – Heather Foster
10/7 – Benjamin Whitmer
10/14 – Letitia Trent
10/21 – Brien Piechos

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