Monthly Archives: November 2012

To Return When the Leaves Unfold…

Alice’s winter hibernation has begun. Picture her, if you will, on a chaise lounge next to a long window, her skull and crossbones Snuggie divided into four smaller rectangles by cold late afternoon sun. On the table beside her is a mug of coffee, a tall green bottle with a fairy on the label and a stack of books. A blue caterpillar climbs a lettuce leaf in an empty¬†mayonaisse jar on the shelf above, his boredom evident behind the half-peeled Hellman’s label.

She’ll read. She’ll sleep. She’ll draw sloppy pen and ink sketches on unfolded prescription drug warning inserts, and she’ll make new lists of impossibly interesting writers on the palms of her hands and the foil from packs of Marlboro Lights.

The mail slot is under the mirror, and Alice will check it daily for words of interest. And when pinafore weather returns, so will the posts filled with questions.

Because an intended short run of interviews turned into something magical, and all the people she interrogated were honest and funny and lovable. So she wants to do it again.

Do you??

Crowd-sourcing for 2013 interviews begins now. If you’re interested in answering ten questions, FB-inbox Curiouser and Curiouser or Amanda Gowin, comment on this post, or slip a letter through the mail slot.

And thank you all for reading. And answering. And being wonderful.