Camille Alexa

C&C: What do you have in your pockets?
Bobby pins with bulby black tips. Nearly always.
C&C:  Do you enjoy shoes, or wear them only because there’s glass and gum in the street? How do you feel about being barefoot in general?
I love beautiful shoes more than they love me. I never wear shoes inside if I can help it, but I do wear a small sterling band on one toe. My mother once asked if my toe was getting married.
C&C: Who was your first crush?
I was madly in love with my kindergarten boyfriend, John David Shannon. His eyes were two different colors and he was glorious. I’ve not seen him since I was six.
C&C: What was the Halloween costume (your own) that made you the most happy?
As a child? Pirate. Always a pirate. And not a lady pirate either — moustachio and eyepatch, please. And a big sword.
C&C: You have a tiny tattoo. What’s it all about?
It’s a mystery, even to me. I can tell you it’s circular and I designed it myself and it’s the exact diameter of a Canadian quarter.
C&C: What do you do with your hands when you talk on the phone or have a conversation in person – do you have conversational gestures, like finger-tapping or doodling?
I fear I might make periodic chopping motions, like a martial arts mime trapped in an invisible box. Please don’t ever catch me on video.
C&C: Is the X-Files incredible? Please explain, either way….
Fun, yes, but television has never really captured my imagination the way books and film and music have. For me, watching tv is to pass the time, not a pastime.
C&C: What is your most prized possession (a rock, book, whatever)?
Well, I do like rocks. Have lots of them around the house, in fact, and out in the garden. Bring them home from beaches, interstate roadsides, country lanes, dry creekbeds. But my most prized possession would probably be one of my mother’s paintings, or my brother’s.
C&C: Do you have a pet or pets?
Always. Right now I live with a large geriatric dog in decline. My poem “Dog”  in Cutaway Magazine was written after him. It makes me cry when I read it. Is it strange to cry at your own writing? Because usually my writing cracks me up. I sometimes start laughing during my own readings because I think it’s funny.
C&C: What do you collect/keep and why?
Rocks, especially fossils. Dried willow branches. Mummified sea horses and bits of bug trapped in amber and faded wildflowers and yellow grass stalks with painfully serrated edges; pine cones and old snake skins and driftwood and shark teeth and poppy seedpods and paper-stiff hops vine and wispy-puff dried clematis; sand dollars and lichen curls and broken shells and butterfly wings I find on the sidewalk: beautiful dead things, basically. Things I find walking and bicycling and travelling. Nothing killed just so I could possess it. (Well, maybe some of the wildflowers. . . )

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