Monthly Archives: March 2012

May Interview Line-Up

May 1st – Stephen Graham Jones

May 8th – Craig Wallwork

May 15th – Michael Gonzalez

May 22nd – Pela Via

May 29th – Edward J Rathke

Sit Still, This Won’t Hurt a Bit….

Welcome to Curiouser and Curiouser. Oh, you write, do you? Lovely. Would it be all right if I asked you – no, not about writing, don’t be ridiculous. I have Google. You see, I was really wondering a bit more about your socks. And your dog. And your tattoos. Have you seen Fido, perchance? Ever have your heart broken? Do you like to open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Where did you work in highschool?

WAIT! Don’t go! I swear, I’ll stop at TEN QUESTIONS.  So please, put up your feet, and let me get my pen. I just want to know a little more about you..

And you and you aaaand you…….